Dr Michael Loh Wei Chieh (Medical Director)

Dr. Loh Wei Chieh Medi Clinic Johor Bahru 2024 Best Aesthetic JB

Dr. Michael Loh Wei Chieh

Medical Director

Dr. Michael, an accomplished and board-certified Aesthetic Physician at Medi Clinic, currently serves as the Medical Director at his clinic in Johor Bahru, lending his expertise to a wide range of aesthetic treatments.

His credentials include an MBBS, Membership of the American College of Aesthetic Medicine, Certification by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM), Certification by the International Association for Stem Cell Therapy (IASCT), Certification by the International Association of Trichologists (IACT), and Certification as an LCP-certified Aesthetic Physician.

Expert in Korea SMAS Face Lift
Advanced Botox Injector
PRP and Injectables Specialist
Years of Experience
High Patient Satisfaction
Natural Looking Results
Medi Clinic Dr. Loh Wei Chieh 2024 Best Aesthetic Clinic in JB Molek

Medical Director and Aesthetic Physician Johor Bahru

Dr. Michael leverages the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine including thread-lifting for facial sagging and skin rejuvenation, the Korea SMAS face lift technique, advanced botulinum toxin injection methods, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments. This combination of credentials and specialized skills makes him a distinct expert in the aesthetics field, someone who recognizes the potential of aesthetic treatments to not only enhance physical appearance but also improve psychological well-being.

As the Medical Director of his aesthetic clinic, Dr. Michael champions a dedication to patient safety, ethical standards, and achieving natural-looking aesthetic results for his patients. He considers understanding each patient’s unique needs and expectations a top priority. His specialized skills and experience produce high patient satisfaction and natural enhancements.